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How do I get started with Device Dogs?

Our team will support you through the procurement process helping gain executive buy in when needed. From there we'll onboard your organization, defining secure storage and setting up your portal access. You can start sending us devices immediately.

What type of devices do you handle?

Post pandemic with the explosion of remote workers we see laptops the most but also support monitors, desktops, and mobile devices.

What happens when a device is returned?

If we receive an employee off-boarding device we'll inspect it, disinfect it, and depending what your needs are we'll restore to an OEM factory image or your custom image before adding it back to your inventory. Don't forget we can handle break/fix priority replacement and upgrades too!

How do you track inventory?

Our system can support asset tags, bar codes, and serial numbers depending on your needs. We make sure they're added to your portal when devices are received and added to tracking when devices are shipped.

Are my devices securely stored?

We are a security first company, devices are secured in our fulfillment centers behind electronic access with full logging and 24/7 surveillance video. Employees pass a stringent vetting process and complete security awareness training.

Are there discounts for yearly plans?

All agreements are annual and can be billed monthly. Discounts are available for multi year agreements. Our sales team can also help build bundle packages.

Which modes of payment do you accept?

We accept Credit Card and ACH payments.

Does the price include shipping?

No, the price includes the handling and storage of devices. Any costs associated with getting your equipment to us, to employees, or returned to us are extra. We can use our shipping accounts or integrate directly with yours.

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